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The Platform

children, family, love, together

About Ron Ha'o

I have been a west side resident since moving here 22 years ago. I am a father of 3 very busy little ones, Grayson 8 and identical twin girls Abigail and Olivia 6. Husband to Rachael Ha’o a Cancer Treatment Specialist. 

As an Executive for over 18 years to multiple healthcare and business practices here in Arizona I have had the privilege of meeting, speaking and listening to corporations, company owners and individuals as well as  families from all backgrounds. I am here to stand up and advocate for them and all Arizonans. 

United By A Common Goal

  I am a first-time legislative candidate who hopes to make a positive difference  if  I win election.

I want to get involved to do things to help the community and I will be accountable to the people of this district.  

We need common sense solutions to these complex problems. Voters are tired of the continued Bipartisan gridlock and broken promises.  

We need to  stimulate economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans,  lower taxes and bring jobs to the Northwest Valley. We need to fix our poorly ran educational system. We need to invest and retain quality teachers here in AZ, the educational support staff and the quality of our children's educational future. There are a great number of issues from Healthcare to Border Security and the only way to address and fix these is to unite as Arizonans/Americans and to stop the political volleyball that we continue to see day in and day out.

I love our country and the amazing opportunities that it provides for our diverse and growing population. I will listen to the electorate and give an opinion and we can decide together the direction that we want and need. *when you vote don’t forget to write my name on your ballot*.

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